Tuesday, July 25, 2006


Changes are a Comin!

Next week I will bring changes to the name of this website and a change of name from manholes.
After much deliberations I have decided on STREETWARE for the new ID, I think it reflects more of what I do and make, manholes.org will change to streetware.org.
There will also be more regular updates on the site with even more artwork and T-shirts, than before.
I actively encourage feedback on the website site, and I hope that people will tell me how I can improve by making the site even better, so don't be shy give the Streetware guy a try!
So, new name, but with the same mission to seek out new manholes covers and boldly go where no manhole cover has gone before!

Stay tooned.

Best Wishes


Wednesday, June 28, 2006


A Celebration of British Manhole Covers

Yesterday was the last day of the show.

It was a great experience, and getting there was a big learning curve too, but i'm really pleased I made it and equally pleased that many people came in to see it, and left great comments in the visitors book, and left with the knowledge that they will never look at a manhole cover the same way again. A big thanks also to those who left some money behind, and left with a unique manhole T-shirt and the many who came back and left with more!, and some, you know who you are! with my manhole cover art.

I hope to do another show in London and other cities if they will take me, but its early days yet, but I thought I would share with you a few of what some vistors had wrote in the book -

Enchanting - Art and history combined - N&A Burrell

Tremendous! So good to see the colour and imagination and enthusiasm for something that most of us pass by without looking at!
- J.Newman

Fabulous! - D.Allen

- D.Shaw

I love it! - S.Nicholson

Manhole art. Awesome s**t!
- D. Mandelbaum

- K.Mckenzie

Really liked your use of colour. Very effective visually, Liked it all + nice to meet you too
- L.Aspell

Very interesting and great art work. Funky!!!
- F.Was

Really neat concept and work - Inspirational! - J.Leith

A fascinating subject, used brilliantly. I will be looking down a looking down more when walking the streets from now on. - R.Mitchell

Excellent! - P.Littland(Retired ironmonger)

Wonderful! And a Captain Beefheart Fan!
- K.Richardson

Fantastic- Colourful& unusual, beauty in the everday, Ta- Hugh

Awesome original Work!
- L.Griffith

Well Cool..
- A.Warnquist

Great idea, manhole covers represent the unseen side of our cities. Superb! - D.Sumer

Best Designs of both artwork and T-shirts i've seen in a while- Lovely!- R.Mayston

The mundane to the memorable. Well done! - S.Si

These are just a few from the book, but everybody left positive vibes and i'm pleased you could make it, if you didn't then hopefully another time, however you can always have your own gallery in your own home!, or buy a some T-shirts..

A big thankyou to the Landlord of the shop, and my best wishes to him.
Now..thanking a landlord doesn't happen often in this world does it!



Friday, June 23, 2006





Its a date

I don't know why but my Blog is reading the 23/5/06, it should be reading the 22/6/06.

Just to let you know.

Tuesday, May 23, 2006


Welcome to Manholes.org!

Hi Folks,

After much trials and deliberations the website is now live, and I welcome you with many handshakes and greetings.
Here you will find all the artwork presented at the worlds first Celebration of British Manhole Covers in Brighton which coincidently has been extented for a few more days until 27th June
(ABOVE: Myself outside the show),

Please excuse the light level of the photographs on the artwork and T-shirts, that is a long story which would no doubt bore the pants of you, but in summary it involved a photographer who I thought a professional and advertised himself as such, but proved far from those creditials and expectations, so in conclusion I had to take them meself on a small portable. But I hope it gives you an idea of the rich colours available on this unique work.

Anyway, I won't ramble on, but just to say I hope that this site gives you pleasure and that you may buy my artwork and all the new ones to come, and maybe, just maybe, a T-shirt here and there, and that we can walk and talk together towards the new horizon of Manholes.org.

Enjoy and hear from me soon.

Best Wishes


Tuesday, May 09, 2006


My First Sale

Today is the day when I can really call myself an artist, I am now in the same league as Vanny Gogh I have sold my first Picture!!
I opened the First Celebration of British Manhole Covers, which if you don't know it is at 38 Queens Road Brighton, UK until 31st May 2006.
I sat in the shop for a few days wondering what I had done wrong and only a few people were looking in, which is kinda weird as hundreds pass every hour, some on their way to important meetings either with a train, businessman, or a seeded bap from Markses in the station, or simply that they are too busy to stop and marvel and the fantastic array of Manhole covers brought to life by meself.
So I did somat about it, I spoke to a passerby called George who it just so happened knew a thing about displaying wares having worked in the biz many a year anyway he relit my space with new ideas and how and not showcase my work.
So I took down the large 40x40inch dog(more about him later) and changed my canvases around a bit, so I am now chuffed as more people are looking in and taking notice of my T-shirt and fantastic array of multicoloured Manhole cover from coal to gas, from electric to water.
Going back to my first sale, and what more can I say I am very chuffed and I hope that more will follow, it may be a small step, but I am very happy that it was a dog coal cover as I'm hoping it is a good sign, as the dog which dates from the 16th century represents the Ironmongery business and thus the history of manholes, you can find out more when manhole.org goes live on the 18th May.
I am now quite hungry and need to eat, so farwell until next time.

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